About Us

Established in 2010, UAB “Sominis Technology” emerged as a leading integrator of IT products in the Lithuanian market. Our journey began with a focus on competitive pricing and expertise in IT acquisitions, leading to expansion into international markets. As our volumes grew, we transitioned into independent distribution of IT products.

In 2012, Sominis Technology diversified its business to become a distributor of SDA and IT accessories, forging agreements with prominent retailers and vendors. Today, we navigate the challenges and opportunities of the Lithuanian distribution market with foresight and innovation.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Lithuanian Market

The Lithuanian market presents a significant challenge due to the high concentration of distributors vying for customer attention. Local companies compete fiercely against international distributors from Central Europe and Scandinavia. At Sominis Technology, we thrive by prioritizing proximity to our customers, ensuring successful deals through tailored solutions. Looking ahead, we anticipate new opportunities emerging from the influx of international companies expanding their operations in Lithuania, thereby increasing demand for IT products to equip their workforce.

Setting Ourselves Apart

At UAB “Sominis Technology,” we distinguish ourselves not by competing with other distributors, but by fostering collaborative partnerships. Renowned across Europe, we are trusted allies for selling overstocks and managing excess inventory. This reputation is built on reliability and a commitment to mutual success. As an independent wholesaler, we leverage proprietary technologies to connect with resellers, retailers, and marketplaces worldwide.

Internally, we utilize our own developed tool to compare prices across distributors in Europe. This strategic approach allows us to optimize pricing based on market dynamics and regional living standards. By facilitating cross-border transactions, we deliver cost-effective solutions to our customers, often with faster lead times than local alternatives.

Experience the Difference with Sominis Technology

Join us in navigating the dynamic landscape of IT distribution. At Sominis Technology, we redefine partnership, innovation, and service excellence. Discover the possibilities with us today.